The Ways to Pass a Urine Drug Test

urine drug testThere are many people out there who make the common mistake of taking drugs right before a big hiring. Since many employers now require their newbies to take a urine drug test, it gets very hard for these people to pass the test. In fact, there have been many cases where a highly talented, experienced and learned candidate has been rejected because they were unable to successfully come clear in their urine drug test. The people who make the innocent mistake of consuming drugs before a major hiring need to learn how to pass a urine drug test with flying colors.

First and foremost, it is recommended that they consume lots of liquids and increase their intake of water. Fortunately, urine drug tests do not focus on looking for drug samples in the urine; they look for the many metabolites that come from consuming drugs. Metabolites which are not contaminated by drugs will be drastically reduced in number though the liquids consumed. Urine tests can detect thirty-one different metabolites which are caused by drugs. If their numbers can be reduced successfully, it will be possible for people to pass the test without arousing suspicion. However, it is very common for people to over-hydrate by drinking a little too much water and damaging important organs. This can even result in death if one is not careful. While it is advisable to keep on drinking water at intervals, one must not get obsessive about it. Otherwise, they can end up dangerously disabled or even dead.

There is another after-effect of the above mentioned method which may lead to failure in the urine analysis. If people notice that, due to the increased intake of the many liquids, their urine has become too watery, then they will need to take immediate action. Urine drug test supervisors are quick to notice watery urinal conditions and they are easily able to decipher that the candidate has increased his/her water intake to pass the test. To combat this condition, it is advised that people increase their intake of vitamins B2 and B12. These are readily found in many different items.

Do not try and bleach the sample at any cost. Urine test experts have seen too many of these antics and are competently able to recognize the bleach samples in the urine sample. In fact, if people adopt this method, it may even land them into greater trouble because not only have they taken drugs but they have also tried illegal methods to hide the results. Employers may even end up taking the candidates to court over this and then their career is practically over forever.
Lastly, it is advised that when people are giving the sample, they should start collecting their sample mid-way while they pee. This is because the initial liquid which comes out tends to have a higher degree of drug sample than the particles which come out later on. This method may not completely rid people of their drug sample but will definitely help a lot. Now that readers know how to pass a urine drug test, they must follow all instructions carefully.

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